What we’re about

Seaplane Armada is a podcast production company dedicated to exploring all the ways audio can be used to tell stories.

We work with partners at all levels, from big agencies and media organizations to any ol’ person with a good idea. We approach each collaboration with flexibility, fitting into the production process in whatever way works best. We aim to realize each project, from simple one-on-one interviews to full-blown radio operas, in the most effective and beautiful sounding way possible.

Our goal is to produce a body of work that both reflects our love of audio storytelling and builds a community of fellow pod-loving creative types.

What we do

Creative Development

We work with partners to shape, script, and podcastify your idea.

Podcast Production

Full-service audio production from studio interviews to immersive audio documentaries and rock operas.

Audio Post

We edit, mix, and create rich sound design for each project.

Sonic Branding

We’ll compose a custom soundtrack, design a catchy mnemonic, or source the right sound for your pod.

Who we work with